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Amazon Software Downloader is an application that works with Amazon. The Internet Big has recently released a software distribution system much like Valve's Steam. However, many companies work hand in hand with Amazon to release their content on Amazon Software. There are games available for download, but the service is more oriented to programs and applications rather than games. Thus, those two services are for different audiences. I like the way Amazon Software handles things. For example, when you download a given application, and after you pay for it, it will start downloading straight to your desktop. No wait times whatsoever. If the application requires a serial key, it will be available for you on your Amazon Software account, under manage software. This could mean that, in the future, we are not going to need to wait on line for 10 minutes away from home just to pay for a product and then install from a CD. Digital downloads are the way to the future, and Amazon Software Downloader brings us one step closer.

José Fernández
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